protez saç Fishing Net Washing Machine
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Fishing Net Washing Machine

fishing net washing machine

At the first time, we produced fishing net washing machines for small fishing companies in Aegea, Blacksea and Mediterranean. Today, we send both carpet washing and fishing net washing machines to the countries around the world. There are 6m3, 10m3, 12m3, 16m3, 18m3, 22m3, 24m3 and 30m3 versions fishing net washing machines machines. The machines that is up to 18m3 have reductor, belt system. 20m3, 22m3 and 30m3 machines have planet reductor. All of our machines have ability to turn clockwise or counterclockwise. Usually, clean water pours through shaft and dirty water pours from the valve. The machine washes and dries the nets at the same time. Fishing net washing machines also makes fishing nets easier to paint. These machines are prefered worldwide in Russia, Greece, Italy, South Africa, Norway, Japan and more… Optionally, the shape of the drum can be changed from cylinder to hexagon. Our machines have designed with the newest technology, high durability, high quality and high performance. Like all of our machines, fishing net washing machines are also made of 304 quality CrNi INOX stainless steel.

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