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Carpet Dust Removing Machine - ETM 2010

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Carpet Dust Removing Machine

 This machine cleans the carpet from the dusts and dirts stuck deep of the carpet before the carpet washing with flapping system and makes the carpet washed in shorter time. So, you save from energy, water, manpower and shampoo. Our dust removing machine has ability to automatic roll the carpet. You may place the carpet from the front side and take it from back or front. The machine's system flaps the carpet from both on and under it. The dusts and dirts removed from carpet are send to filter with 5,5 kW snail fan system. After this, carpet is ready for washing. We have four different models depending on using area: 2300, 2700, 3200, 4200 mm. 

carpet dust removing machine

Technical Features:

                     Model :ETM-2010

                     Diameter :2000 mm

                     Length :2010 mm

                     Engine Power :5.5kW

                     Height :600 kg


Receiving machine to wash the dust collected in the first few pieces of carpet are discarded if we want to throw. For 10 min. after pouring in the washing powders are perçinleşen. Wash and dry carpets as a third stage dust removing machine again discarded. Throw it to dust removing machine for the second time gives us the following;

Lime-cured carpet softens because of sudan, the carpet havlarını also 2.3 mm in baking, consists of a transparent brightness carpet in the first place winner's vitality.