protez saç Carpet Washing Machine and Machines
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Carpet Washing Machine and Machines

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 New technologies develop very fast in carpet washing sector, thanks to the philosophy of "It's time to say something new now." Therefore, carpet washers must work much more and target growing, institutionalization and branding. In this respect, new methods are being searched for stronger, faster, safer carpet washing and this increases the competition. Carpet washing machines are extremely important. 

Machine Companies and Carpet Washers

 The machines those are produced must be much better in technology, performance and quality day by day. Many machines produced till now survived in the market because of misinformation of carpet washing. There are many companies which are in sector for profit only, more detailed detail: construction workers, carpet washers, electricians, brush providers and other people who say: There’s money in that sector, I’m in. Today, there are more than 400 carpet washing machine manufacturers in Turkey only. And another critical detail is that while those machines are being produced, there are musts that must be in every technology and the machine. The reason of increasing amount of bad companies in the sector is that, amateur carpet washers usually invest in ordinary machines and this encourages ordinary people, as carpet washers don’t target to choose harder and the best way. This is why you see thousands of useless machines on the internet when you search used carpet washing machines.

  We have been stating why carpet washers must be professionals and very well informed while selecting their machines. As Ergin Machinery, we have been fighting corruption and fraud for 40 years in our sector, while keeping our commercial relations at its best. We are determined to keep it that way.

Machines and Searches

 Another topic that we want to talk about is that while looking for a machine on the internet, names and pictures are just not enough. There are musts in a carpet washing machine. Machines are expected to be produced and developed according to those rules. As we have been telling for years, there can be no machines from iron or epoxy paint. Because those materials are too weak against chemicals. If there are a lot of used iron machines on the internet for 9 - 10 years, it’s because such materials are used. Washing machines have to be made of stainless steel. We have stated this in our carpet washing machine article before. And, there are attempts to produce machines with 3, 4 or 5 brushes. It’s not possible to wash carpets decently with those amount of brushes in many countries.

 Our goal here is not to target any carpet washing machine manufacturers. The opposite, we always respect people who make even very small contributions. We always see them on our side and support them.