protez saç Carpet Packing Machine - HPM 2015
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Carpet Packing Machine - HPM 2015

carpet packing machine, carpet dusting machine, carpet drying machine 

Ergin carpet packing machine is also carpet last dusting machine and carpet sweeping machine. It can perform these three actions at the same time, so it has more functions than any other machine of this type. The machine is used after carpet washing machine and carpet extracting machine. There are five different using areas for this machine: 2.20, 2.70, 3.20, 3.70, 4.20 meters. Another feature of this machine is that you may give the carpet from front and take it from behind and also give it from front and take it from front again. It works slow during dusting and sweeping the carpet and fast during rolling processes. Additionally, PLC program and touchscreen can be added if requested. HPM 2015 has 5.5 kW 2800 RPM vacuum system. There's a standart spiral brush on the machine that removes any material on the carpet. These materials would be transfered to 2800 RPM snail fan filter. Our carpet packing machine has more pros than any other carpet packing machine ever made as being also a carpet last dusting and carpet sweeping machine. It also draws attention with its aesthetic design.