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Carpet Washing Machines

Carpet Washing Machines

ERGIN Machine produced ER 3000 model Carpet Washing Machine as a result of the experience for 30 years.  ER 3000 has a completely different technology systems than the other machine has been produced until now.  ER 3000 provides a saving for labor, electricity, time and water consumption. Some of our carpet washing machines are:  Carpet Washing Machine ER 1000, Carpet Washing Machine ER 2000, Carpet Washing Machine ER 4000, Carpet Washing Machine ER 5000, Carpet Washing Machine 6000, Full Automatic Carpet Washing Machine, Semi Automatic Carpet Washing Machine, Manuel Carpet Washing Machine. It also specializes in carpet cleaning choice for serious companies.

ER 5200 Fully Automatic Carpet Washing Machine

These are the largest carpet washing machines manufactured so far. The machine has 5.2 m conveyor belt width. The total width of this machine is 5.85 m. This carpet washing machine is the best option to wash large sized carpets in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Bahtain. ER 5200 can also wash 2 pieces of 2.5 m width carpet together very easily.

ER 5200 carpet washing machine has a total of 12 disc brushes, 6 in front and 6 in back. The number of brushes must always be proportional to the conveyor belt width. There is one roller brush as standard on the machines. One spiral brush can be added next to the roller brush. Optionally, these machines have a bottom washing brush. Thanks to this brush, the dirt behind the carpets can be easily removed before main washing.

Like our all other machines, the covers, profiles and all mechanical materials are made of 304 quality stainless steel. Thanks to PLC systems, these machines are fully automatic. All the electrical components of this carpet washing machine are high quality materials which can be easily found all over the world; such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider and Omron. Our machine has top-rinsing, top-cleaning, top-washing and bottom-rinsing, bottom-cleaning, bottom-washing functions.

Optionally, ER 5200 Fully Automatic Carpet Washing Machine automatically carries the carpet and transfers it to the trolley. Speed of the conveyot belt can be adjusted as desired by the user. The water systems and shampoo systems in our machines work automatically. The rinse system also has nozzles. These nozzles provide deep cleaning and rinsing, but they also save from water, bringing consumption to the most efficient level. Optionally, we can add a sweeping system.

Carpet washing machines save energy, water, shampoo, time and labor. Our machines come with a carpet pool and a carpet trolley. 

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 We have produced Ergin Carpet Washing Machine 2015 version. This machine is completely made of stainless steel, like our machines we have produced before. As we have mentioned in our other articles, we never produce machines from galvanize or iron. We put a lot of effort while producing 2015 Ergin carpet washing machine; made a great determination of 15 - 20 years, planned to make the machines able to work for long years in the worst conditions in neat details. 2015 Ergin carpet washing machine mostly caters to expert and professional carpet washers and cleaners. This machine makes a big difference as it's able to wash all the carpets in the world: with a lot of alternatives and differences both in Turkey and in the world. Click to continue...

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Carpet Washing Machine - ER 6000 

 Our newest carpet washing machine, ER 6000!

 Our carpet washing machine ER 6000 Model, high tecnology product and designed with ER 3000 'combinations by produced Ergin Machine is  the full automatic and high performance carpet washing machine.  Four  items rotary brushes used  in carpet  preliminary machine serve for shampooing and scrubing. Afterwards, the roller brushes, which are produced in automatic carpet washing machine, become a part of an activity. Roller brushes make respectively pre-washing, main washing,pre-rinsing, back-washing and also last rising and swiping is made with water which is between 80-120 bar.

 Finally, carpet is prepeared  as roll for wringing.

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Carpet Washing Machine - ER 5000

 Carpet washing machine - the name of ER 5000 is the  machine which has the biggest usage area within manifactured till today. It is the machine which is advised to carpet washers with considering in countries’s used carpets dimensions. Its system consists of disk (8 pieces in front of it) and roll (2 pieces at the back of it) brushes types. Click to continue...

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Halı Yıkama Makinası - ER 1000 

 Halı Yıkama Makinası ER 1000, kullanım alanı 2300 mm, iki değişik modele sahiptir. Role ve disk fırçalı olarak. Disk fırçalı modelimiz: önde 3 adet disk fırça kalınlığı 0.6 mm, arkada üç adet disk fırça kalınığı 0.7 mm toplam altı adet disk fırçaya sahip makinamızdır. Aynı zamanda güçlü performansa sahip olan Halı Yıkama Makinası ER 1000, derinlemesine yıkama yapmakla beraber bütün aksamları ve iskeleti tamamen 304 kalite paslanmaz çelikten üretilmektedir. Devamı...

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Poly Brushed Carpet Washing Machine

Poly-brushed carpet washing machines are produced for special orders. There are three models with 2700, 3200 and 4200 mm using area. Poly brushed carpet washing machines are used in some regions and some countries with a lot of carpet dirtyness and the places that carpets are not frequently washed. There are 12 brushed, 18 brushes, 24 brushed and 26 brushed models. Also, poly-brushed carpet washing machines are able to brush all different carpet types. Click to continue...

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Full Automatic Carpet Washing Machine

There are 3 disc brushes in front and 3 disc brushes behind. Additionally, there is another cylinder brush. Then our pressurized system with 80 - 120 bar power. Carpet gets rid of all materials in it. After this, carpet would be cleaned twice with front cleaning and back cleaning. Finally, carpet rolls for the drying system. There are 2 different models for carpet washing machine with 7 bruhes. First one: fully air pressurized, PLC controller with 20 different programs for each and every carpet type. And the second one is more likely to be mechanical. This machine is used by especially washers with problems in Turkey and the world. Some carpet washers didn't get use to the machine and they have problems with their electricity. This machine wouldn't be effected by such issues. It's easily controlled in any difficult condition without causing any problems. Click to continue...

carpet packing machine, carpet dusting machine, carpet drying machine 

Ergin Carpet Packing Machine - HPM 2015  

Ergin carpet packing machine is also carpet last dusting machine and carpet sweeping machine. It can perform these three actions at the same time, so it has more functions than any other machine of this type. The machine is used after carpet washing machine and carpet extracting machine. There are five different using areas for this machine: 2.20, 2.70, 3.20, 3.70, 4.20 meters. Click to continue...

carpet dusting machine, carpet drying machine

Carpet Dust Removing Machine HTM 3200

This machine is designed with high technology and high performance. The conveyor belt and beating system works simultaneously. You may set the speed depending on how dusty the carpet is. Click to continue...

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Carpet Extractor - HSM 4300 

HSM 4300 is machine which has high wringing capacity, quiet and firendly of user and enviroment. It has been produced  with Ergin Machine's  30 years production experience. Thanks to the advanced systems used on the high spin speed of 4300 HSM carpet provides 95% dryness. HSM 4300's ınternal&external thambour are made by AISI 304 Quality stainless steel.( CrNi) This feature provides resistance against to chemical materials. All machines are quaranteed for 2 years. They have ISO 9001 Quality and CE certificates. HSM 4300 is the machine which is more technological, ergonomic,easier to use to compared to its other competitors. 

 textile extracting machine, textile drying machine, quilt and blanket drying machine

Textile Extractor - TSM 1000 

Ergin Machinery, Textile Extractor, TSM 1000, with internal drum diameter 1000 mm, height 450 mm. Internal drum width 3 mm, external drum width 2 mm made of 304 quality stainless steel. Engine power 7,5 kW / 1400 rotation. Textile Extractor can be used in hotels, cloth washing services and laundries. Like all of our machines, this machine is a project of Ergin Machinery and its patent, design, CE and ISO 9001 documents belong to Ergin Machinery. We have been producing this machine for 38 years.

textile washing machine, blanket washing machine, quilt washing machine
ERGİN Textile Washing Machines are produced from 20 kg model up to 300 kg model. These machines are commonly used for  denim sandblasting, denim stoning and painting as well as washing. Our textile washing machines are preffered in hotels, hospitals and dormitories. Our machines are preffered in these places for 40 years. And these machines have both strong performance and durability for years.

To The Attention Of Carpet Washers and Cleaners

 Nowadays, lots of washing machine manufacturers build simple machines just gives machine water and detergant and brushing it randomly. But an automatic carpet washing machine must give pressurized water, detergants for suitable conditions and brush the carpets properly, depending on dirtyness of the carpet and its features. However, carpet washers who are new, don't know this important subject because they don't make detailed searchings. Later, they feel regretful for buying the wrong machine. There are tens of examples. Carpet washers don't have enough information about carpet washing machines because they usually focus to carpet washing.


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Carpet Washing Machine - ER 3000



You may check out our website to see our new machines that will bring a new age to technology of carpet washing machines, first in the world, on our website and pages very soon.

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What Do We Understand From Automatic Carpet Washing Machine?

 Automatic carpet washing machine doesn't mean to getting water and chemicals above and getting carpet brushed. As you know, there're a lot of programs in laundry machine for different kinds of clothes. Carpet washing machines must also have different programs for different carpets. Each kind of carpet must have its own program. More...

 We sent our machines(Carpet Washing Machine ER 5000, Carpet Drying Machine HSM 4300, Carpet Drying Machine HSM 3200 and Carpet Dust Removing Machine ETM 4300) to Saudi Arabia, Yanbu. With our agreement with Al Bayad Al Nasad company, we installed all of machines and gave carpet washing education.
 All of our machines are made of 304 quality Cr-Ni INOX stainless steel and our machines are registered with ISO 9001, patent and CE documents. All of our machines have 2 year-warranty. Carpet washing education and machine installation belong to our company.